Buttons and bread


Buttons are small daily objects that quietly connect things. They join things up, they hold us together. This blog features buttons as a way of reminding us of the little things that lie behind the actions we take to build strong communities.


The other part of this blog’s title represents the nourishment we get from participating in community life and that we can offer to others also. It is not the nourishment of the exotic, but the everyday sustenance of regular connections, ongoing work and play – bread rather than caviar.

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Squiggly Jupiter

I love the night sky in Auburn. The darkness in the country, the lack of light pollution mean that the stars are so much more visible there than when I am home here in Adelaide. Brian Cox’s TV program about the planets was on over a few weeks on Sunday nights when I was up there, and after the show about Jupiter I went out and found it beaming down through the bare winter branches of the liquidambar tree. Of course I don’t have a tripod, so my pictures have it as a squiggle of light rather than a spot. But that makes me think of the incomprehensible distances, the immensity of the big sky, the galaxies up there, the sun shining on far away Jupiter and then that showing up in my camera lens – and on the other hand the small movements of my hand and eyes as I look up from an insignificant spot in that huge universe. Wonderful.

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Making and doing illustrated

Now that I have my new computer I want to put a few photos up of some of the activities I participated in (in some form or another) a few weeks ago. The original post is here and here are some pictures of each of the events.

Firstly the cooking workshop at Noarlunga with Food for Futures program, featuring the delicious vegan pesto and muntrie and quince chutney – photos of the finished products at the end… (I can’t remember everyone’s name this far from the day, so won’t put names in – just say they were a great bunch!)

Secondly, some pictures from the Down by the River launch concert at Tandanya… this was a lovely event too, with some fantastically talented musicians and entertainers.

Finally, here are a few shots from the fundraiser for the Marino Community Garden where the choir that I am part of sang. It was such a fun night!


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Spring is coming

It’s been a very wintry week here, with rainy, cold and windy weather, so a good time to remind ourselves that spring is coming (and also to be glad of the rain anyway). Here are some pictures taken over the past couple of weeks, mostly in Auburn, of (white) almond and (pink) prunus blossoms, wattle blossom, grevillea flowers, gum tree flowers (fallen amid the gravel on the side of the road) and trees flowering or about to burst.

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New computer (boring post warning)!

Just to say that I am writing this post on a new computer. As indicated in the past couple of weeks, my old darling machine has been very ill and has now passed the point of no return. I have got a new one and am very appreciative of the good folk at the computer shop I have been going to for assistance in the hope that the old one could be fixed, and then with replacing it when it became clear that the old one was not repairable. Technology is a mystery to me, so it makes a difference to know where to get help.

Here are some pictures of the old machine. And with thanks to it for its good work over the years…


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Night light

I often walk in the evening or at night, and this week have been struck by the beautiful shadows thrown by trees, buildings etc in the streetlights. The winter days are often overcast but those silent mini-suns make the nights full of strange light and shadow. My computer is still not working, and so I took this tablet out one night to take some photos of the night to show you what I mean. I was surprised at how eerie the pictures look. A bit creepy even, my  mild-mannered suburban street. What do you think?? (Click to enlarge as usual. Pics include the corner of my rug taken as I left, and the stairs as I returned home. Also my shadow.)

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Making and doing

*(For an explanation of this odd set of pics that does not relate to the post see note at the end of the piece…)

I have had a busy week, going to community events and in small ways being part of the action. Today I went to a food and cooking session in Noarlunga focussed on preserves. We made a vegan pesto – using a funky yeast thing instead of cheese and warrigal greens and spinach instead of basil – and quince and muntrie chutney. Obviously there was a bit of a theme of indigenous ingredients too. It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time.

Afterwards I went to the launch of the Semaphore Music Festival ‘Down by the River’ program. It is celebrating the Year of Indigenous Languages with songs written in language by a few local Indigenous singers. It was terrific! Exciting to hear other languages and to showcase local talent.

Then looking back to last weekend I went to a fundraiser for the Marino Community Garden which featured the choir I sing with and other local musicians – in particular our two fabulous choir leaders who are obviously musicians themselves independent of choir leading. They were great and it was such a fun night.

I love how there is always stuff going on. People doing things, making things, getting things happening in the neighbourhood (any neighbourhood). It’s not highbrow or ‘top notch’  or anything, but it’s good enough, and it just makes my heart sing (and sometimes my actual voice sings too!).

*(I am having trouble with my computer this week and am writing this post on a tablet. I can’t work out how to get pictures from the camera to this device so can’t add any of the shots from these events at this stage. In the interests of having a picture or two I have inserted three snaps taken in Auburn of dad and me, taken haphazardly when trying to work out how to use the camera in the tablet. What a palaver!! Not sure there’s any connection with the theme of the week except perhaps making the best of things and doing what I can!!)* (PS The correct pics will be added at some point)

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Galahs in the park

These birds have featured here before  (and here and here) – this week I saw a nesting box in the park near Kaye’s place when we went for our weekly walk there. One bird was in the box, very still, head craned out, and two others were sitting on top of the box. By the time I went back to Kaye’s, got the camera and then returned, the two other birds had gone, but the one in the box remained. They came back pretty soon though in various iterations. Here are some pics…


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