The White Ribbon Round

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It is not common for mainstream activities like suburban footy games to be the setting for anti-violence activities, creative expression and standing up for respect for women. A couple of weeks ago, the Port Noarlunga Footy Club hosted a ‘White Ribbon Round’, white ribbons being a symbol for men respecting women and rejecting violence. As part of the day, mosaics that had been made by various groups and agencies were displayed – maybe launched is the better word – all with the theme of respect for women and nonviolence. Eventually these mosaics will be installed at the ground, as an ongoing reminder of the commitment to respect and gender equality. I wasn’t there on the day, but many people have commented on the event, and it sticks in the mind as something noteworthy – that men should take this on, and speak and act so positively towards women is terrific. My almost-amazement is a reminder of how rare these kinds of activities are – and adds to the special quality of what happened. Many thanks to Tod, who was a key organiser, and to Richard who spoke on the day and moved people with his words, and to everyone who contributed in any way. Tod sent me these photos of the mosaics (above), which gives a bit of a flavour of what they are like. The work and thoughts of those who contributed to them is powerful, each tile a hint of the possibilities for the beauty that we can create together.

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