Favourite trees

The ABC have had a project on Radio National for a while, asking people to send in pieces – stories, articles, photos etc, about their favourite trees, or in general their relationship with trees. They have had lots of responses – apparently 500+ people sent in their thoughts. This has had me thinking about how important nature is to us, and how we respond so positively to so many aspects of the natural world, and it’s also had me wanting to send the blog a post about a tree (as the ABC’s project has finished now)!

Dad and tree

My favourite tree is the one pictured above (with dad standing in front). It is a big old river red gum which my mother loved, and which I have strong memories of, partly because of her. It is growing in a slightly obscure part of the farm she grew up on, and many years ago we went to see it, at her insistence, and although she didn’t go to this part of the farm very often, and it is in an out of the way place, she was still able to take us straight there. I have a photo somewhere of her standing next to it, and being dwarfed by it. I took itwith me when I was overseas many years ago, and it was a solace when I was homesick.

I have been thinking of the tree lately, but was unsure where exactly it was, and as mum is no longer with us I asked dad to come with me to search it out. I had to wait till the end of the footy season (so as not to interrupt crucial broadcasts of Crows games!), but we went out a few weeks ago, and as you can see, the tree is still there, and still its beautiful old self. It must be hundreds of years old I think, and it is definitely past its prime, but it has a real feeling about it. Hope you like it. It would be great to hear from anyone about your favourite trees too…

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8 Responses to Favourite trees

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi, I love all trees, but sometimes you see one that takes your breathe away and stops you in your tracks. Hopefully you are fortunate enough to have a camera for a photo, but alas like a photo of a sunset it never seems to do it justice….you just keep the magnigicence of the tree in your mind…..Love Mandy

    • Elizabeth says:

      Love this idea Mandy, that we can keep the magnificence of the tree in our minds. I think doing this would be a good way to find a bit of instant peace.

  2. What a great photograph! I can’t believe how huge the tree trunk is!

  3. Richard Schirmer says:

    I do love trees too and see nature and our relationship with it as an integral part of our wellbeing and even of helping build healthy relationships with each other. I also love that whenever I take my kids to a park that has trees, they will play for 5 minutes on playground equipment and then spend the next hour in an elaborate game involving living in the trees. For my favourite, I always have a special place in my heart for the Norfolk Island Pine. Reminds me of many coastal areas across Australia that have been a haven over my lifetime. Great Topic. Richard

  4. Wendy Willow says:

    Beautiful image of a family tree. Looks like it is hugging him! I wonder what stories could be told about the life lived under/ around it by the ghosts of the old people?

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