Pam’s ode to the ghost gum


The most amazing tree for me is the ghost gum. I don’t know if you get them here but we do at home in WA.

I think if you are going to hug a tree this is the one. The energy you feel is amazing. The grace and splendour of this regal tree – it is so smooth to run your hands down, you won’t get a splinter. I’m not a hippy (would love to have been) but this is the tree to be in love with. We pay $100 or $1000 for things in auctions and antique shops for 100 year old things but we chop these trees down and disregard them – I can only imagine the stories they could tell. My ode to the mighty ghost gum.

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8 Responses to Pam’s ode to the ghost gum

  1. mandy says:

    Well ‘written! Pam

  2. Hi, Pam. I am an author. I write middle grade fantasy. In my books, I highlight the unusual flora and fauna of Australia. I would very much like your permission to use this picture in my next eBook. Please get back to me and let me know if that is all right with you. Indeed, I will give credit to your web site for the link. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Jeanne E. Rogers (

  3. rogersjeanne says:

    Dear Pam,

    Thanks for getting back to me about the Ghost Gum picture. After reading your note, I was truly sorry that it was not your picture. However, I can put the link to your post in the book. If you know the owner of that blog, get in touch with them, and ask them if it is OK with them that I have a link directly to your post. The important thing here is that their blog must be a consistent one so that my readers will be able to go to it. It would be awful if the owner brought down the post and my readers went to the post and it was no longer there.

    I will wait to hear back from you. All the best to your and your family.
    Jeanne E. Rogers, Author
    Award Winning Middle Grade Fantasy
    The Sword of Demelza, Where Endangered Animals Roam the Pages!

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