Chloe’s creativity


I went to the birthday party of my dear friend Bet the other day, and caught up with some lovely people there. One person I talked to was Chloe, daughter of another friend of mine, Denise, (also a very creative and interesting woman). Chloe has a much better grasp of technology than me – this is not difficult – and spent some time explaining how instagram works. As part of this she showed me images of things she has made. One is a cute video of a mobile she made out of the metal tops from champagne bottles, another is a picture of a notebook made from an old hardback book she got from an op shop. She’s taken out most of the pages of the original book and replaced them with blank paper. Some of the pages from the old book are interspersed among the blank ones (in the picture above she is holding up a pic of the notebook – the glare makes it hard to see). She’s also made origami cranes from some of the leftover pages that she is turning into an accompanying bookmark. She’s a fantastic cook – her cakes are legendary – and all her family sell their baked goods at local markets. She is also hoping to set up a blog of her own too – featuring fashion bargains she’s picked up at op shops, and delicious breakfasts she’s eaten with her pals.

I loved talking to Chloe, and felt really inspired by her energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for everyday beauty and creativity. How many ways could we turn life into small scale adventures if we tried? How much wonder could be recycled and reinvented? What rubbish could be turned into fun and sweetness?

I’ll pass on the link to Chloe’s blog when she starts it.

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