Cleaning out the office 2 – bird’s nest

office nest

This bird’s nest was given to me by a client many years ago, and sat on top of one of the filing cabinets until the big office move. It is a well worn nest – if there were eggs, they would very likely fall through the bottom. It’s still beautiful though, and I have loved having it around. I wonder what bird made it. I wonder if it housed babies sometime. I imagine it as it originally was – outside in a tree, in the wind, above the ground. Perhaps it brings some of its airiness with it, its birdsong and precariousness and intricacy staying with it even inside, in my ordinary office, on my dull filing cabinet. It also reminds me of the woman who brought it to me. I loved my conversations with her, and in my memory her eyes were bright as birds’, and her orientation to the world curious and inventive. There is half of a bird’s egg inside the nest. I put it there recently – a little hint of bird-life that I found on the way to the office from the car park. I wonder if the bird it contained is still flapping about somewhere…

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2 Responses to Cleaning out the office 2 – bird’s nest

  1. Abhijeet says:

    Great way to keep the office clean…

  2. scallum123 says:

    the post is awesome for office cleaning.

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