Max and Mick’s Lights


The windmill covered with lights


Eerie Father Christmas


Tony and Cheryl’s place


A clear shot of some of the lights


A visiting car with Max handing out lollies and a sense of the lights on the trees along the roadside


Xmas tree in lights


Lights in the trees


Max with a few hints of lights (and dad’s nose)

I went up to the country for Christmas as usual, and had a really happy time with dad and various family members. In the evening of Christmas Eve dad and I went to the local park and had dinner with lots of other townspeople – sausage sizzle and steak sandwiches – while waiting for Father Xmas to visit. It was really enjoyable, catching up with people I’ve know most of my life, and seeing lots of excited kids everywhere. It is a beautiful park and it was a lovely warm evening. I forgot to take my camera, so don’t have photos, but afterwards I took dad on a car ride around the town to see people’s Christmas lights, and I took some (not very good) photos. In particular we wanted to visit Maxine and Mick’s place, where they have put up heaps of beautiful lights for Christmas over the past 10 years or so. Maxine is the main driver of this, though Mick has done heaps of the installing over time, and has done a good dress up job as FC too at different times. They tend to be out talking with those who come to have a look too – and Max has a basket of lollies that she offers to whoever comes along. Lots of folk come to have a look. Her brother Tony and his partner Cheryl also do a fantastic job of decorating their house. This year Max’s lights were a bit more gentle than in previous years. I have attached a few shots of some of them and one of Tony and Cheryl’s place. Everyone who drives out gets a lot of pleasure from seeing the colours and the beauty – it is a little gift to everyone – thanks Max and Mick and Cheryl and Tony!

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2 Responses to Max and Mick’s Lights

  1. mandy says:

    Lovely,thanks Elizabeth. Happy New Year to you and family. X x

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