The Length of a (Working) Life

timesheets 1
timesheets 3
Those of you who know me will know that I am something of a hoarder. I find it ridiculously difficult to file things, and to throw things away. So I am not tidy, and I have too much stuff. As indicated in previous posts, I have had to move my office recently, so have been forced to go through things. This has been painful and difficult, but has also meant the rediscovery of lots of reminders of times past and work done, and a wonderful sense of the creativity, passion and enthusiasm of the whole enterprise for me.

One thing that I came across was almost too ridiculous to be believed – a whole pile of old time sheets. In fact, taking into account the 3 inch thick tatty manilla folder containing timesheets from the past 20 years, and adding the even older ones to it, it seems that I have a copy of every timesheet I have ever signed for the past 28 years. Plus all the annual leave forms and the remarkably few sick leave forms. The above photo is of the total pile of them.
My 28th anniversary of starting work here (community health service originally, which has morphed into a more illness based clinical service in the past couple of years) is on 6 January (today), so this post is a commemorative one.

Just for fun I have worked out that 28 years is 10,228 days, 1461 weeks (or just over), and 730.5 fortnights. The dimensions of my time sheets are approximately 29.5cm x 21 cm. So the length of my working life here has been, taking the measurements longways, 215.645 metres. Perhaps it would get to 300 metres if I included the leave forms etc. As with all these kinds of things, it seems a long way, and and awfully long time when looked at from a certain angle, and very little to show for a whole lifetime of work on the other!

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2 Responses to The Length of a (Working) Life

  1. Tricia Damé says:

    I’ve just moved into a new studio, and I’ve been asked what I’ve done so far. Hmmm, well pretty much the same, sorting years of papers. It’s impossible to sort without reading this and that…oh yes, I remember when…and lots of fun to reminisce. The time hasn’t been wasted! Your lifetime of work may not be measured in reams of paper, but will definitely be measured by the caring you’ve shared 🙂

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