Koala connections

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Zoe from work has recently moved to the hills with Dave and Sophie the cat. She brought in these great photos from a recent encounter with a resident koala. It was in the middle of a period of hot weather around Christmas. She and Dave noticed the distressed looking furry ball in the tree, as did the cat. They put a bowl of water at the foot of the tree and cat and koala investigated each other (see photo 1 above). After a while they decided to see if the koala would take water directly from the bowl. As you can see it drank out of the bowl quite easily, and was very docile. They went inside after a bit, taking Sophie too, and they saw the koala come down for water and drink from the bowl on the ground, not at all bothered by the chooks nearby. Both Zoe and Dave have since given water to the resident koala by hand, and they keep the water bowl in the yard, where Sophie and the chooks drink from it also.

It is a little bit inspiring to see wild animals up close, and to have the chance to give a bit of assistance in hot weather. Has anyone else come across a koala lately – or any other wild creature?

Don’t forget you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them – and many thanks to Zoe for sharing them…

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2 Responses to Koala connections

  1. pam says:

    hi I just wanted to tell u about a friend she is quit a hared lady from all the past but I went to her house on one of the hot days and she had ice blooks of water she had frozen for the birds as she was woried about the heat for them it is funny how anemals bring out the love we have and xsecialy as mothers we do like to nurcher any think that moves sorry about my spelling but Elizabeth did not corret this one lol

  2. Hi Pam,
    What a fantastic story – it is true, animals do bring out the love in us. I think of dolphins for example. Whenever there are any swimming near to shore you will get people pointing them out, stopping to watch them, feeling good just to have seen them.

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