Shelley’s adopted menagerie – a heatwave story

Shelley wrote this piece about her adventures with helping hot neighbours in the recent heatwave – it is a bit of a follow up from the story about the koala in the heat posted previously. It is great to see such support for each other during the trying hot days. Thanks for contributing Shelley!

I live in an appartment and my neighbours and I have been struggling with the heat like everyone else. However I have an air conditioner which means that I do better than most. Over the hot weekend that has just gone, I had one of my neigbours down to stay on the fold out bed in the lounge room, and she brought her animals with her. She has a snake (called Charmed) that belongs to her grandson, and a big furry dog, called a Keeshond, that has a double coat, called Shari, and so she really suffers in the heat. They all came down to mine and stayed for the duration. We almost had the bird as well – a cockatiel (Jax) – but they managed to keep that cool with wet towels draped over its cage and a fan next to it. Even before she came down herself, Chris sent Shari to me, as she knew how much she was suffering.
I really enjoyed having them with me – Chris was good company, and it was great to have the animals too – I had a dog myself until recently when my dear old dog died – so it was lovely to have a dog in the place again and to make sure we were all ok.


Charmed in her home (called a vivarium!!) at my place


Shari looking totally cute on the lounge at my place


Shari clapped out on the tiles

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3 Responses to Shelley’s adopted menagerie – a heatwave story

  1. Lynette says:

    What a lovely story and a beautiful person to help out neighbours/friends and animals in such a trying hot time.:)

  2. pam says:

    good on you but a snake no way that is true kindness no way could or would I do the snake you are a good friend

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