V-Day thoughts from Pam


Well valentine’s day – this is for all the people out there who are lonely and who are feeling sad because it’s another day which reminds us of our vulnerability as if there’s not enough out there already – so many movies, songs, couples and so on which makes our heart twang like a lacky band* being pinged on our heart, but it only stings for a moment. It does sting but it will pass. There are a lot of lonely people out there so for the lonely, just talk to one person today that you don’t know – they might be lonely or not. You don’t need to buy the heart chocolates, or the roses. You could go and smell a rose and talk to the person who grew it or whatever, and the lacky band won’t ping your heart. Maybe just once you won’t feel the pain because you have contributed to someone else, you reached out, you connected.

I will live till I have a life again!

* This is WA speak for rubber band (what a good word!).

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1 Response to V-Day thoughts from Pam

  1. Wendy Willow says:

    A truly love-ly sentiment. Thanks Pam, – and Parrot Feather.

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