What’s your favourite park?


ViviCam 6300

Auburn Centenary Park

ViviCam 6300

Walking path by the creek at the bottom of the park

I often find myself inspired by things I hear on the radio, and on the way to work today they were talking about the importance of parks, especially in cities, and getting people to tell them about their favourite parks. The pleasure and importance of nature came up again and again, and I think, when life is often filled with technology, and busy-ness, and traffic and other non-natural things, this becomes very understandable.
One of my favourite parks is not in the city, but in Auburn, my home town. It is the park that hosts Christmas Eve in the park and Australia Day celebrations, and it’s a fantastic place for a picnic and get together with the locals. The creek is nearby, and there’s a beautiful walking track along the river which I used to wheel my mother along, when she was in a wheelchair before she died. So favourite parks contain lots of happy memories.
One of my other favourites isn’t really a park at all, but the beach not far from where I live. There are pictures of it in other posts on this blog. I walk alongside it most days, and will be doing so again once this post is up.
It would be great to hear from anyone what your favourites are, and why.

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4 Responses to What’s your favourite park?

  1. Mandy says:

    I have never met a park I did not like !

  2. Good point Mandy and too true~!

  3. pam says:

    my favourite park is in W A HISTORY & HERITAGE

    Whiteman Park is a unique recreation and conservation reserve that covers nearly 4,000 hectares of natural bushland and leisure facilities in Perth’s northern suburbs.

    The History of Whiteman Park
    The Park takes its name from Mr Lew Whiteman (1903-1994) who bought land in the area in 1939 for the purpose of grazing cattle, before developing the popular picnic spot of Mussel Pool in the 1960s.

    From 1977 to 1990, land was purchased by the state government with the understanding that it be owned and used by the community in perpetuity.

    The Park was officially opened in 1986 and named in recognition of Mr Whiteman.
    there is no cost at all and there is a swim pool there is a tram a train witch tacks u around the park and so much more there are butifull old trees specially ghost gums all the native animals and birds one and only complaint is the poo u do have to fine a poo free zoon as the animals are all wild free and wounerfull catering for every one

    • Sounds fantastic Pam. I will look it up! Pity about the poo, but like you say with all those wild and free animals it can’t be helped! It’s interesting how many parks are named after people too – it’s good to think about Lew Whiteman, and his long life, and what he contributed to his community.

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