Dappled light at Writers’ Week

I have been to Writers’ Week this week – it has been a lovely time of hanging around in a beautiful place listening to writers talking about their work, and catching up with friends. It is both stimulating and relaxing, and I really enjoy it. There were lots of highlights – listening to a Chinese poet reading his work in Chinese was one. Not that I understood what he was saying in Chinese or English, but his pleasure at being there, and his energy and vitality, were great. And even though I didn’t understand his poems, I liked them anyway. They sounded good! The interviewer did a good job too (as well as reading the English translations of the poems), and it was moving that so much effort was being made to enable some understanding across the challenges of language and culture. There is a photo of them below.


It is a fantastic event partly because it is free and outside. The light coming through the trees, and the beauty of the park, actually the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden (in the city), are restoring in themselves. Here are a few photos.


David Malouf was one of the writers. Here he is speaking with someone who is hidden by the post.



Shadows, including my own, at the base of a tree…



Shade sails and tree shadows

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