Art in the Park

Port Noarlunga Playground, where the mosaic table is located

Port Noarlunga Playground, where the mosaic table is located

Art 1

The Phoenix on the table top (upside down – whoops!). Note too the words of hope and optimism around the edge of the table.


Table from a bit of a distance


One side of the table, with stars and children’s and adult’s hand prints

I heard this week that at last the mosaic table, made by women and children who have experienced domestic violence, has been installed in the park at Port Noarlunga. I went down to have a look and it is gorgeous~! Many congratulations to those involved in any way with its creation – Connie the artist, plus the community members (you know who you are!!) and all the workers too. It was sunset when I saw it, and the light gleamed and shone on its surfaces. It was almost luminous. I just love the power of creativity, and how the act of making something, and then putting it where people can see it, can change the world in small (and not so small) ways. I have heard that lots of folk have already commented on it, when it was being installed, and conversations about dv were started. How cool is this, to provide something so beautiful and powerful in such a well used place that will be supportive to anyone who comes by who is struggling with violence in their own life. It makes visible people’s struggles in such a positive and life affirming way – it’s brilliant!!!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated!

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4 Responses to Art in the Park

  1. Mandy says:

    Wow it sounds wonderful, I will drop in for a look next time I am near. I remember being involved in the Transformation Tree on the wall of Noarlunga Health Village. Even though I was only involved in a small way, it was empowering and I felt so proud to show friends as we walked by.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for the comment my dear – it is really lovely… and you’re right, a bit similar to the Transformations Tree at the Village.

  3. Hey Pam, Great to hear from you! Doesn’t it look good??? It is really beautiful.

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