Deirdre’s colour-fest

I caught up with my friend Deirdre recently. We used to work together years ago, and it was great to reconnect. She is such a sweet, funny person, and we had lots of laughs and a great time. She lives in a house that is filled with colour. She makes stuff, often out of bits and pieces that most of us would throw away, and the vibrancy and warmth of her place was lovely to be in. She is an artist, in a way that makes you want to go off and have a go yourself. I took a few pics while I was there. There is a snap of a portrait (!!!!) she did of me (highly abstract as you will see – the purple squiggle is my black handbag, for example, and you can see the book I had with me), while I was sitting there (I am one of the greeny-blue rectangles. Obvious isn’t it!!)

deirdre's 9

She loves the artist Kandinsky and she and her children and partner decided to do some ‘Kandinsky circles’. Below is a picture of one of Kandinsky’s originals…

kandinsky circles_orig

Deirdre and her mob drew their circles on sheets of paper, then Deirdre got them all laminated, then stuck the laminations together. You can see what it looks like below.

deirdre's 1.

and now they are on the formerly boring wall of the outside loo. Don’t they look lovely?

deirdre's 2

And then there’s the kitchen table, that D decorated 10 years ago or more. How cool is that…

deirdre's 7

deirdre's 6

(this is a close up of one bit of the table)

and doesn’t it look great with the orange chairs?


deirdre's 8

Finally, here is D herself, with the little sticks that she is knotting together for a wall hanging (they also feature in the top right of my ‘portrait’ above).

deirdre's 3

There was more too – one big picture made out of tea bag tags of all different brands (if anyone wants to have a go at this, she has some leftover tags that she is desperate to get rid of!), and she is collecting round plastic bottle tops and other sorts of coloured plastic lids to do something with sometime. Anyone interested in saving lids for her, or maybe thinking of something to make with them?? She also had a mobile made of shells from the beach. I loved all the colours, and also that it is something that you can do cheaply and that makes a big difference to the look of things. It is also another example of what a difference creativity makes.

I did say that it inspired me to have a go myself, but in reality I don’t have a lot of confidence. I would love to hear from anyone about art that you do at home, or craft, and how you move from thinking about things to actually doing them. This could be any kind of art or craft or creativity of course – music, sewing, craft, photography, embroidery, writing etc etc. And it could be that you do what you do in a group. I would love to hear about your experiences!

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5 Responses to Deirdre’s colour-fest

  1. pam says:

    love this love the bees they do miss out a bit love to have this table I would be to bissy looking to eat I would loose wait very very nice

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