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Norma Geggie, the 89 year old woman who helped start the granny project, with two South African community leaders. I saw a terrific program on Foreign Correspondent the other night. It was about a group of older women in Canada who … Continue reading

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Garage sales and more on ‘Saturday in the Park’

I’ve been to a big garage sale this weekend, held to clear out the house of a woman who died in my home town. She was a lovely person, and it was good to go down and see some of the townspeople and … Continue reading

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‘The Night Watch’ comes to life

I received an email from a friend this week with an entertaining you tube link – it comes from the Netherlands, and was part of a promotion to get people to go to the art gallery there. They brought a painting – ‘The … Continue reading

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Saturday in the park

For the past few weeks I have been having a go on the adult exercise equipment in a park not far from my place every Saturday morning. The park has been upgraded over the past few years, and it is … Continue reading

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All photos above taken at work – note the basket of rose petals in the top left hand corner of the photo immediately above. Wilting rose/s on the dressing table (above and below) Has anyone noticed how fantastic the autumn … Continue reading

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