roses 1

roses 2

roses 3

roses 4

roses 5

All photos above taken at work – note the basket of rose petals in the top left hand corner of the photo immediately above.

roses 10

Wilting rose/s on the dressing table (above and below)

roses 12

Has anyone noticed how fantastic the autumn roses have been this year? They are blooming in people’s gardens everywhere and are just gorgeous. I have picked a couple of bunches this week to take to work, and they have provided a wonderful smell along with how they look. Megan brought a few in too and they were added to the bunch. I have had some at home as well and took the photos when the blooms were starting to wilt. It won’t be long before they have dried up completely. Funnily enough this doesn’t seem to spoil them for me – they still look lovely, even as they age, right up to the point where their petals drop (with a soft sound if you have ever heard it) around the vase. This makes me think of people as we age too – how often we still look beautiful, even if we have lost the vibrancy of youth (actually, as a friend said when talking about this, it’s not vibrancy we lose, just youth), even as we soften and ripen and lose our ‘tone’. As with flowers that are as common as roses around Adelaide in autumn, you sometimes just have to look to find beauty which is there all along.

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5 Responses to Roses

  1. Mandy says:

    How lovely, yes the roses have been beautiful this year. I have a lovely bunch from my gorgeous friend Robyn on my dressing table. Yesterday at the Mitcham library as you walked in from the car park, all you could smell was the sweet scent of roses.


  2. Hi Pam,
    I am so sorry to hear about your dear Dad. I am here with Sarah and also Richard who you might not have met, and we are all sending you our love and thoughts. I will light a candle for your dad.
    Lots of love and take good care of yourself
    Elizabeth (and Sarah and Richard)

  3. pam says:

    LIFE what a word but it dose get in the way there is haredly any one caming to the funrell as every one has a life dads olldes friend for 86 years is to bissy so the mening for me in all of this is to make shore I invest as much of me in to the people I love family grandkids and friend so thay would walk over hot coles to be with me as I would for them love u all



    • Hi Pam I have been thinking of you heaps, and of your dad. I am so glad you got to see him before he died – that connection at that time must have meant a lot to him as well as you. It is painful sometimes how ‘busy’ we are isn’t it, too busy to do what is most important sometimes. Even just thinking about what is important sometimes seems too much trouble! Thanks for your great contributions to the blog and in your life Pam. You are very special (as my mother used to say!!)

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