Saturday in the park

john miller park

For the past few weeks I have been having a go on the adult exercise equipment in a park not far from my place every Saturday morning. The park has been upgraded over the past few years, and it is now really impressive. I shudder to think how much has been spent on it. I have taken some snaps of it, but will have to add them to this post later, as I haven’t got them off the camera yet. I do have one picture from the internet which gives a bit of an idea (see above – the kids play area is on the left, and the adult equipment is hard to see on the right – I don’t think the picture enlarges this time). Anyway, apart from the flashy park, I wanted to ask if anyone has used the adult exercise equipment that is sometimes found outdoors. There is some in the park at Hackham West up from the community centre that we went to with the Foodies a couple of years ago. I felt a right dill using it, and didn’t have much of a clue, but have decided to persevere a bit now, as why not use what is out there for us all, even if we do look a bit daft!

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2 Responses to Saturday in the park

  1. Mandy says:

    Yes Elizabeth a great idea, use them while they are there. My friend Robyn has been scouting around for these parks with the equipment in them and we are going to try them out too. Good on you and thanks for sharing. I will look like a dill, (but a healthier dill)……

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