Garage sales and more on ‘Saturday in the Park’


I’ve been to a big garage sale this weekend, held to clear out the house of a woman who died in my home town. She was a lovely person, and it was good to go down and see some of the townspeople and friends, and her family, and get a couple of things, both for use and for memories of her. Garage sales are fantastic I think – a great way to pass on unwanted gear, have a poke about, and get a few bargains. It is also good to make use of things that are still perfectly serviceable but which might otherwise get thrown away. We can waste so much stuff! I have a great saucepan, and a new tablecloth, plus a cute mug with bluebirds on it. Dad bought a pair of bathroom scales in stones, and is shocked that he has put on weight – stones and pounds make more sense to him than  kgs for weight, and he has been kidding himself for some time… The above photo is not ‘my’ garage sale, which was much better organised than this one, but you get the idea. I’ve been a bit slack with taking the camera around, so have to rely on the internet for pics.

On to part 2 of this post, I wanted to say to anyone who looks at this blog on the internet that  I posted a new post (Saturday at the Park) yesterday, but for some reason it has placed itself before last week’s entry, and is dated 4 April. Technology is beyond me sometimes, and I have no idea why it has done this or how to change it, but if you want to have a look at that one, click on the link on the right of the page (if that makes sense) or just scroll down past the previous post…

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2 Responses to Garage sales and more on ‘Saturday in the Park’

  1. Tricia Damé says:

    I love garage sales! When we lived at Victor Harbor, we used to get some amazing bargains, and plants!…Half my garden contained rare and unusual plants which you’d pay a fortune for in the nurseries. My husband has made garage sales his hobby! Now he’s retired, he loves picking up bargains which he then resells for a profit. The saying ‘one man’s junk is another’s treasure’ is so true, we’ve picked up some real (and valuable) treasures, and other quirky and fun things too.

    • It’s true isn’t it – we can throw things away when we’re sick of them, but for someone else they are just the thing. Second hand stuff also has such a different ‘character’ to new things, and I like that too. Good to hear from you Tricia!

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