Norma Geggie

Norma Geggie, the 89 year old woman who helped start the granny project, with two South African community leaders.

I saw a terrific program on Foreign Correspondent the other night. It was about a group of older women in Canada who had made links with grannies in South Africa who are raising grandchildren after their parents have died of AIDS. There are many hundreds of women and children – thousands really – in this situation. They started doing this 10 years ago, and relationships and support and understanding have grown hugely over this time. The idea has also spread to other grannies in other parts of Canada, so the links are broad and deep. I loved the program because the idea seems simple, direct and based on relationships. The women who were interviewed had all been affected by the project. The South African families felt supported, encouraged and seen in their struggle, the Canadian women felt that they were doing something meaningful, and had learnt a lot about another culture. It was really uplifting.
I will put the link to the program below. If you have half an hour, have a look, as it is really something.


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