Shelley’s Warm Bollards

The following post, written by Shelley and with her pictures too is a follow up of an earlier one called ‘Community building as a knitting project’, written in September last year. It is fantastic to see how far the project has come, and how much prettier the streets around here look. Thanks Shelley for the great photos of ‘your’ bollards, and to all the knitters and bombers for making and doing – creating these everyday (and special) bits of pleasure and enjoyment. Now here’s Shelley – photos first…

Line of warm bollards

Line of warm bollards


fluro special

pretty bollard emerging from the weeds

bollard emerging from the weeds

another little groover

another little groover

another angle

a different perspective (and don’t you love their crocheted hats)

corners and angles

corners and angles

I am part of the Better Together Christie Downs Project which is working together to brighten up the area. One of our projects is yarn bombing and we have some women who just knit the tree and pole jumpers, and others of us also go around doing the actual bombing -attaching the knitting to said poles, trees etc.
The bollards in the above pictures are in front of my appartment block – I had the idea that we could cheer up the joint!! Chris, Monique and I got together last week and sewed the strips of knitting onto the bollards and then connected them to little crocheted hats that my auntie made just for the purpose. It took us about 90 minutes to put six of them on. During that time we had three people from the units come out to tell us how beautiful they were.
Since then a gift bag has been left outside my door with an unsigned note saying thanks for warming our poles and our hearts.
It has been great to do this because we feel happy doing it and we pass on happiness and cheer to people who see our work.

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4 Responses to Shelley’s Warm Bollards

  1. Mandy says:

    Fantastic, I hope this catches on and becomes a great trend!

  2. They look great don’t they!

  3. Tricia Damé says:

    They look fantastic! What fun 🙂

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