Cleaning out the office 3 – The First Annual Late Autumn Awards


I found a couple of pages of handwritten notes when I was cleaning out the office a while back. They were written many years ago by Heather, another staff member from back in the day. We had a brainstorm some autumn day years ago and came up with the attached list of imaginary awards (some of which don’t even make much sense), called The First Annual Late Autumn Awards. I don’t think we did anything more than have fun with the idea, but I still quite like it – acknowledging the glorious ordinariness of  everyday life, and not taking things too seriously. They are a bit work related, which is fair enough as that is where we were, but there are heaps of other possibilities. Any other suggestions anyone? Given the time of year we could even award a few!

  • The first class star of ordinariness
  • The blue ribbon medallion of stoicism
  • The blessed cross of compassion
  • The holy Mary mother of god cross for swearing
  • The golden coin of caring
  • The sacred heart of hope
  • The healing chalice of tears and weeping
  • The sacred meteor of gentle glory
  • The heavenly body of fitness and wellness
  • The purple heart of good taste
  • The golden ice cream cone of feigned indifference
  • The tawdry trinket of terrific tenderness
  • The nubile butterfly of good cheer
  • The busty and jolly award for softheartedness
  • The distinguished service medal of no nonsense/good sense
  • The emeritus professor of glorious achievement
  • The Vice-chancellor’s bag for stealing the day
  • The GG’s award for a lovely face
  • The OPSM award for superlative vision
  • the cheery poppet award for being a good time gal
  • the Princess Royal award for regal bearing
  • The Mid-Winter Awards for All Day Suckers!
  • The…
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