Underwater world

Shells and bubbles

Shells and bubbles


Grey Crab


How many crabs can you see?

Shelley took some great snaps of the underwater world of the beach when she went over to the peninsula at Easter time. I have included a few of her pictures here. It makes me think about how much is going on around us that we are quite unaware of – all that life, and weird life at that, that is there under the surface of the water. We can’t take photos of our own inner worlds, but I think they are probably much the same too – all this amazing stuff that is going on and we are blissfully unaware.
I’ll end this blog post with a couple of photos of the sky, taken a few months ago now – this is another barely acknowledged part of our everyday lives that is present and mysterious every day (these pictures look particularly amazing when enlarged. You should be able to double click on them to do this).

clouds 1

Late afternoon sky with clouds

clouds 2

Blue sea of sky with islands of clouds

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1 Response to Underwater world

  1. Mandy says:

    So many things going on in my inner world…..sometimes I feel like a duck, paddling furious underwater but giving the impression all is smooth on top !!! SUPERWOMAN !!

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