The curlicues of influence

autumn tree

I have been thinking about how much we all influence each other. What we say and how we are with each other can have a really big impact on our daily lives, and our lives are built, after all, day by day. I think of the people I meet, and how often I continue to think about them long after they move on from my life. One such person died 6 years ago this month. She had lots of difficulties in her life, but she was also really creative, and had heaps of interests. She was eccentric in a way that I can really identify with, and I repeat some of her funny little sayings to other people often – in this way she continues to live and influence me and (indirectly) other people as well.

In light of all this, how we live is important, how we treat each other and how we treat ourselves. What dreams do we have? How can we best be ourselves? What will people remember of us when we are gone? What will our enduring influence be?

I am attaching a link to a meditation by Thich Naht Hanh, the Buddhist teacher, which I like a lot. In it he says “the best thing a tree can do is be a real tree and the best thing a human being can do is be a real human being”. This is easier said than done (for us if not for the tree) but it is a good thing to aim for as we trundle on in the swirl of influences that we are to each other.

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2 Responses to The curlicues of influence

  1. Mandy says:

    Wow what a coincidence, the subject is something that has been on my mind this weekend. I had a weekend away on my own and had heaps of time to reflect and meditate. I often think of your words of wisdom that have been spoken to me. When I was struggling with being on my own for the weekend (as it has been nearly 30 years since I have traveled truly solo}, I thought of what advise you might have given me if I could ask and I thought it might be to “live in the moment and enjoy the beauty around you”. It did not matter that I did not have any one to share it with or “witness” it with me, I had ME to share it with and I was the witness. It truly made me relish the sunset over the beach and enjoy the time I was having. So though I do not tell you you are often in my thoughts and I sometimes try to honor your words and wisdom by having a better attitude with challenging situations. X X So thanks…….

    • Mandy what a lovely comment. How good you were able to enjoy your weekend, and see the loveliness without too much angst about being alone. Glad to have been with you in some ways. Mind you I can’t always do it for myself I find – sometimes those times alone are just lonely – next time I will think of you (who’ve been very inspiring to me over the years as well). Thanks my dear.

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