Terms of endearment


Sweetie dozing on the black and white cushion

I was thinking the other day about the words we use when we speak to and about people we love – children especially, but also our sweethearts, our pets, friends we are close to and other special people in our lives (I can drop a ‘dear’ or a ‘darling’ in the most unusual places…). I think about my mum, whose birthday it would have been today, and how she used to call us ‘Treasure’ and ‘Sweetness’, and of a colleague of mine who calls the children he works with ‘Precious’, and there are lots more of course. My cat’s name is ‘Sweetie’, the guy downstairs also calls her ‘Beautiful Girl’, and I have a friend whose cat is called ‘Cherish’. I love these small expressions of love and tenderness, and hold the memory of my mum especially close today. What names do you call dear ones, and what have you been called??

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2 Responses to Terms of endearment

  1. Deirdre Veaney says:

    Minke moo the fluffy poo (cat) it has a song that goes with the name….its not a good song but i enjoy singing it and finding out what rhymes with poo. Panda (friend) no song there just love and endearment. Birdy (for a swan like friend) and davie ptavie for my own sweetie… Children have many names (nitwits) or oofty gooftys. or cutie snoot (which is thier name for me)
    EAB for my gorguss friend Elizabeth

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