The Adventures of Snowbell

Snowbell (1) SNOWBELL 2 (1)

We’ve got a bit of a pet theme running through these posts, and here is another story, this time from Mandy, about her cat Snowbell. Mandy’s story shows the independent spirit of her cat, and her devotion to him. It’s lovely – thanks for telling us about it Mandy!

Fourteen years ago I was sitting out the back of Francesca s flat when a beautiful cat wandered in the yard and jumped onto my lap. I was petting it for quite a while, then I would put him down and he would jump up again. Francesca had never seen the cat before. She not only had a cat herself, but her daughter was in between houses and was staying there with her two cats as well. The cat did not leave my lap until I went home. After a few days Francesca rang and asked if I could look after the cat until her daughter found a place to live? Well ten years went by and Snowbell, Sam and I ended up moving to Brighton to live with Dave. Snowbell took the move well and would not stay inside for long at all. After another two years went by and Dave and I broke up, I rented a place where you could not have cats. My sisters cat had just recently died and they offered to take Snowbell. He was fine for the first few days and then started wondering and not looking very happy. I had to move him back to Dave’s. Then the other week I spent the night at Debbie’s and her beautiful cat Abbey slept on my bed all night and we had load of smooches. When I got home that night I ‘begged’ my landlord to reconsider letting Snowbell live here, she said ‘yes’ and I was so happy. I picked up Snowbell and it was just like old times. He fell back into the old habit of sleeping at the end of my bed on a towel, eating, spending his days outside and in at dinner time. That was until Mothers Day, I let him out as usual but that night he did not come home, or the next night or the next. I placed lost cat notes everywhere and walked the streets every night and morning looking for him, but could not find him. One month has gone by and I had given up on ever seeing him again……until, I got a phone call on Wednesday saying that a couple have a cat that is micro chipped with my name……yay, Snowbell has been found. Sam and I picked him up Thursday night and he was very skinny but looked healthy enough. The lovely couple said they had been feeding him for the past five days, so Snowbell had traveled two kilometers and was on the road for a month. I had kept Dave up to date with the missing Snowbell and he very generously offered to have him back at Brighton. So Snowbell went “home” yesterday and I swear the cat was smiling! Of course I will miss Snowbell living with me, but it is so nice to know that he is happy and safe.

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