Birthday candles

birthday candles 7

For my birthday earlier this month, I lit lots of candles – I couldn’t find quite enough to match my great number of years, but very close. I had a few friends for dinner and the candles lit our meal. It was beautiful. Here are some pictures.

birthday candles 6

birthday candles 3

It is lovely thing to celebrate our lives and our days. Not just on birthdays, but at other times too. Candles are good for this – eg at meal times, and not just for special occasions, but other things too: flowers picked from the garden or the side of the road, listening to favourite music when doing the housework, getting dressed up a bit to go to the shops (my father does this when he’s ‘going down the street’), eating at the table instead of in front of the tv, looking for the moon at night, or the stars if it is dark enough, collecting shells from the beach and arranging some of them in the bathroom, small goodnight rituals with the kids, or good morning ones, watching sunrises or sunsets, making gifts for people not buying them, watching and listening to the birds, dancing, somersaults, hugs and kisses given generously. Life is there to be celebrated every day.

And speaking of birthdays, today is Megan’s – so the candles and cartwheels are for her!

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2 Responses to Birthday candles

  1. mandy says:

    Happy Birthday. Elizabeth. Hope all your wishes come true. Hope you got my card, forgot which letterbox to put it in X O X O

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