Visiting Nan

Danielle has written a piece for the blog this week. It was her Nan’s birthday last month  and she went to see her to celebrate. Grandmas are often really important people in our lives. It is great to be able to pay a little tribute to Danielle’s Nan Fay and to be reminded that making an effort for people we love makes us feel good too. Thanks a lot for your contribution Danielle! Here they both are (great shots too).

 Feb2012real smiles

It was my Nan’s birthday in June and I felt really guilty because I didn’t ring her on the day – my family are sometimes a bit difficult and I just can’t always do these things when I should. However I really love her and wanted to see her, so I just decided to go with my partner Rob and call in on her one weekend just after the big day. I made a banana cake and took it with me – it’s the first thing in my life I’ve ever made her! We called her on the phone the day before, and then went up. She lives across the other side of town so it was a bit of a trip. She was so happy to see me! She gave me the biggest hug when I got there – nearly did her back in she said! We walked her down to the Lobethal Bakery and had a bite to eat and a cuppa – it was very simple but lovely to do and I have felt so much better since. It was great for me to feel that I had made Nanny happy, and that I had not just thought about doing something, I had actually done it.

visit to nans 1st day of feb 010

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3 Responses to Visiting Nan

  1. Mandy says:

    How lovely Danielle, our Nannas are very special. Unfortunately too often forgotten. I do not have a Nanna any more but for a few years now I visit 92 year old Beryl in a nursing home and boy she makes me feel good after every visit. X X

  2. THis is not Parrot Feather this time, I am here with Danielle and she is replying!
    Thanks Mandy, that is so true – it’s so nice to be with them and absorb their knowledge.
    Love Danielle

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