Princess in the castle



Pam has written another article this week. It is great to have more words of wisdom from her. I love her insights about life and her honest words about things that most of us struggle with at least sometimes – in this case wanting what we haven’t got and using that as a way of not looking at our own lives honestly at times. Thanks a lot for the reminder Pam. It’s good to hear from you again.

I had a moment today. I was thinking as I do: I have always said that I should have been the princess in the castle and why wasn’t I, but today I realised I don’t think I want to be. I have made many mistakes that I am sure a princess would not make and I used to say as long as my kids learnt from my mistakes it was all ok but this is where my thinking has changed. I have decided the sacrifices and justifying of my mistakes is not right. Yes I have made mistakes but I am the one that needs to learn from them not my kids. They will make their own and it is not for me to fix theirs – they will learn from there own mistakes. This lesson has taken me probably 50 years to get – now I need to put it in practice. And as for the princess in the castle I am just me in my home which is quite ok and acceptable.

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4 Responses to Princess in the castle

  1. mandy says:

    Wow Pam, that is a wonderful realisation. Great insight to mature wisdom. We all want the best for our kids.but if they dont make mistakes….then the are not living !
    And. I dont know about Princess but (a wise woman told me) knights in shining armour take a lot of poloshing !!!! great to hear from you Pam x

  2. Oh so true Mandy on both counts, mistakes are a part of life, and knights in shining armour are a lot of work!

  3. pam says:

    iam defently not into polishing an the mister shine you would go thought and u no iam a princess in my own castle and it is ok for now

  4. Too true Pam, the cost of all the polish, the tedium of the work, it’s just not worth it! Just enjoy your own little crown I say!

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