Royalty Watch


I was just on the phone with my friend Kathy, saying I don’t know what to put on the blog this week, and I noticed my recently acquired souvenir from the UK over on the bookshelf. It is a solar powered model of the queen. There she was in the minute amount of sun that is shining this morning, gently gyrating, as befits a woman of her senior years. I can’t work out how to upload the video here, but above is a photo so you will get the drift. She was a gift from Maxine, who has just got back from a trip to UK and Ireland – totally cute hey. And making the most of the day to boot.

Kathy was telling me about the queen being in the news this week at the Commonwealth Games, with her popping up in a selfie taken by a couple of the hockey players. See below.

queen photobomb

In a week that has been a bit too full of bad news and sadness, it is good to have a laugh and to see ways that we can all hang out together, grooving in the sun.

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3 Responses to Royalty Watch

  1. Mandy says:

    We all do indeed need some good news and sunshine. Guess you can’t have rainbows without the rain though.

  2. nickypage says:

    I’ve seen the original on your windowsill, and the original little old lady when she visited Adelaide. Seen from a distance, and in her evening dress she looked like an upright comfy bolster. Nice to see her apparently spontaneous smile in the background of the selfie 🙂

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