One Year Anniversary!



It is a year this week since ‘Buttons and Bread’ began (where did the time go??) and I want to send heartfelt thanks to the folk who have read and contributed to it. This is the 60th post – so an average of slightly more than one post per week. The most popular post is Pam’s early contribution back in November last year “Pam’s ode to the ghost gum”. The least popular is the one about Oscar the chook (31 May), which apparently has only been seen by one person. In my opinion it is worth a look – those chookies are gorgeous and I have heard from Lynne, Oscar’s owner, that he has just become a father. I will try and get some chicken photos (they are very cute) and for an update sometime soon.

I also want to mention a few people who have helped me in this endeavour into blog land – Sarah (chief technical officer) who set it up for/with me this time 12 months ago and who also wrote a great post about the challenges of meeting new people with a fab photo of a Koala (October 2), Liz with whom I wrote the first post (Magic and Mice), Pam who has made some fantastic written contributions – she is a beautiful talent, Mandy who has been so fantastic with her comments and encouragement, and who has also written a couple of great stories (including the very popular “Mandy goes to Italy” (February)), Shelley, who has written and taken photos for some great pieces, Danielle  who wrote a post about her lovely Nan (July), Richard, Nicky, Wendy, Suzanne, Kathy, Kylie, Tricia and Deirdre for comments, and everyone who has read or does read the blog at all. Your support and encouragement make a big difference.

For me, writing the blog has meant that every week I have thought about the small things in daily life that help me feel connected and nourished. It has been a great practice and I am looking forward to more in the year to come. My wish for the new blog year, is that more people will take the plunge and write or photograph something to put here. We live in an amazing world, and our perspectives on what makes it work, and what makes it gorgeous, help to make it more so. Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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3 Responses to One Year Anniversary!

  1. mandy says:

    Well happy aniversary. Aniversaries are of course such milestones, mostly celebrations but often of tragedies or losses as well. Then there are the cute ones like when teenagers are in :love: they celebrate monthly aniversaries.
    Whatever the ocassion it makes me reminice and wonder….where did the word aniversary come from ?
    Congatualtions Elizabeth and friends for a lovely way to connect. X x

  2. Mandy says:

    woops spelling anniversary !!

  3. I love a bit of creative spelling Mandy! Anniversary is from Latin and means ‘returning yearly’ – annus = year, versus = turning. Great to hear from you as ever…

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