The Ghost Gum gets famous

An illustration from one of Jeanne Rogers' books

An illustration from one of Jeanne Rogers’ books

Pam was contacted this week by a writer of children’s books, Jeanne Rogers, about using the photo of the ghost gum that comes with her blog post Pam’s Ode to the Ghost Gum – there will be a link to the post in her upcoming e-book publication. How exciting. Of course we gave our permission – very easily actually as the photo came from a google search in the first place (I didn’t know of any local ghost gums to go and take a photo of, so we resorted to the internet). I don’t know where that picture came from originally – many thanks to whoever took it, and hope it’s ok that we used it – but it was good to hear from someone unknown and to share what we have!
Here is the link to Jeanne’s blogsite and books – If you copy and paste the link into your search engine it will take you there. She writes books for kids featuring endangered animals. It is terrific to make these connections through the wonders of technology (I probably sound like my nana saying that, but you know what I mean!).


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2 Responses to The Ghost Gum gets famous

  1. mandy says:

    Jusy saying…….

  2. pam says:

    well I do have to comment on this one as I felt fames for o hole 10 min rang mum and Emily and told them same one wanted samethink I had done but then reality hit I dint tack the pic oh well it fell so nice for a bit but I do like her storys so I will go get the books for the boys and it is cool to no same more people are reading elizabaths blog we all could be fames one day and than I might have to learn to spell (ummmm
    don’t think so )

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