Spring has sprung

lamb 4

lamb 5

lamb 6

lamb 7

Have you noticed how fantastic the spring has been this year. There seem to be birds swooping, chicks in nests, flowers blooming and trees coming into leaf wherever you look. I was speaking with Wendy about it the other day – she lives on a little property in the hills – and she told me that her sheep have had 4 sets of twins just recently. She had to help with the births of some of them and they are now of course growing apace. I asked her to send some pics so we can enjoy the sight of them frolicking and gambolling about  – aren’t they gorgeous? The skull in the last picture is their father – he was on his last legs apparently, and having a final go at passing on his genes via their mothers – he died shortly afterwards. Life hey, in all its richness.


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5 Responses to Spring has sprung

  1. Kathy says:

    fantastic. skull is hilarious…!

  2. pam says:

    frolicking and gambolling such old words love it and poor daddy ram but he did his job well

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