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A view of the set

A view of the set at ‘The Wide Open Road’

It’s been a week of wonderful community events. Last Saturday I went with Nicky to a fantastic community cabaret style ‘do’ in the city that was on at the same time as the footy Grand Final – which we consequently ignored completely. The show was supported by the radio station she works for, Radio Adelaide. It was part of a series called ‘The Wide Open Road’, where each month musicians and writers – poetry and prose – present on a theme. This month’s theme was the importance of art in people’s lives. It was terrific. There were three writers, a singer and two musicians in a mini-band. Behind them was a rolling slide show of famous and not so famous visual art – paintings of all kinds. The show went for an hour and was recorded live for radio. Each writer read a bit in turn, with songs and music interwoven throughout. By the end of the hour, the poet had read a series of poems, and the other writers had completed their stories. They were all terrific. The first performer (Tony Collins) read a piece he had written about the art work on the Southern Expressway, describing the monotony of the never-ending roadworks, and the various decorations on each of the overpasses along the route. It was  wonderful to hear about something so familiar – me being a southern gal. The other two performers were also really good – some funny and sweet poems (Ken Bolton), and some moving personal stories of pictures and art and how they had woven through the writer’s life (Stephanie Radok). The music was also really good (singer Alana Jagt and musicians Aaron Nash and Dave Mazzarelli)…

I was struck by the effort that all those participating had made, and the energy that comes out of such collaborative, creative endeavours. It was inspiring and touching to realise how much everyone had done to ensure that we all had a happy, uplifting afternoon. I was thrilled to be there and grateful to Nicky for inviting me along.

They next in the Wide Open Road series will be on the last Saturday in October at The Soulbox, 252 Hindley Street at 4 pm, or on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM at the same time. It’s worth supporting!

radio adelaide 7

The photographer taking a pic of the team involved with the performance

radio adelaide 8

The creative team, including the photographer, taken after the show. Bravo to all!

The other event was on last night and was a fundraiser for CHO (Community Health Onkaparinga). It was also just wonderful, and I hope to write more about it later this week, after I get some pictures from the night. In the meantime here is a snap of the Arts Centre at Port Noarlunga where the event was held. Stay tuned!


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