Birds, trees, leaves, light

spring 2  spring 4

I feel a bit obsessed with spring this year. I have loved seeing the trees getting their leaves, and all the flowers blooming  (stay tuned for a flower post sometime soon). Last week I was in the city and I saw some birds gutsing their faces in a tree that was just getting its leaves – you can see them in the photos above. Of course it was hard to get a good shot of them – my camera isn’t quite powerful enough, but they looked great, as did the tree, just starting to come out with its new colours. If you double click on the pictures you should be able to get an enlarged view with the sun on the leaves and the birds looking pretty. Below is a young tree with its bright green new leaves, taken on the same day – it was a bit more advanced than the one above.

Has anyone else noticed this extravaganza of nature??

spring 1


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3 Responses to Birds, trees, leaves, light

  1. Mandy says:

    Spring is the BEST season. Renewal of all things in nature. I love the powerful smells on a balmy night of jasmine on the breeze. I love the growth and blooms, I am so grateful I do not get hay fever…..what a burden to dislike Spring.

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