Magpies carolling and a ‘where’s wally’ quiz for Bird Week


Great shot of a magpie NOT taken by me

It’s National Bird Week this week. Here’s a link to the crowd that organise it –

Apparently the idea originated many years ago when a day in late October was designated ‘Bird Day’. This year the official ‘week’ ends on 26th. The organisers have invited us all to take part in a ‘bird count’ in our back yards or local park – there’s still time, and it’s not hard, if you are interested. I heard about it on the radio and have been taking the camera with me and photographing birds this week in order to have pictures to add to this post. However they are not particularly fantastic shots – birds are hard to photograph! They are twitchy – no sooner do you get within range than they fly off – and they are small. My camera doesn’t do them justice. Nonetheless, it has been lovely to make a point of looking at them rather than just having them in the background of daily life, chirping and flitting about.

One of my favourite birds – and I know I am not alone in this – is the magpie. I just love its song, so I thought that in addition to my pictures (below) and the guest picture from the internet (above), I would put a link to a video of magpies singing  – There are many other versions on the internet if you don’t live locally or you can go outside and listen if you do!

Magpie in a garden - it was strutting around fearlessly and I could get quite close

Magpie eating

ducks on a pond - the bigger the bird the easier the shot!

ducks on a pond – the bigger the bird the easier the shot!

more ducks

more ducks

A honeyeater

A honeyeater

Is there a bird here at all?

Is there a bird here at all?

Where's wally?

Where’s wally?

Where's wally again

Where’s wally again

more where's wally

more where’s wally

wally where are you

wally where are you

one last where's wally

one last where’s wally

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7 Responses to Magpies carolling and a ‘where’s wally’ quiz for Bird Week

  1. Mandy says:

    How lovely”parrot feather” my favourite is the Kookaburra, what a great name and what a great “tune” it always makes me smile and laugh when I hear a kookaburra!

  2. Kylie D says:

    snap! I have also been attempting to photograph birds (and their shadows) this week but didn’t know it was National Bird Week. Yesterday I watched a clever crow pick up a small paper bag in the car park, take it to a safer spot and shake it to get the few remaining chips out.

    • Gosh how fantastic Kylie – what a smart bird! I saw something a bit similar on tv the other week too, but not in real life – they say that birds in the crow family are all pretty clever. I hope you had better luck with the photos than I did!

  3. Ida says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something
    which helped me. Many thanks!

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