Celebrating Megan


2 Megan

My dear friend Megan is leaving work – retiring!!!!!!!! – at the end of this week. This is very exciting and opens up a whole new chapter of life for her. However for some of us who work with her or who have done in past years, it is also a bit sad. She will be sorely missed. She has done heaps of different things over the years, and I have been lucky enough to work with her on quite a few of them.

Here is a selection:

  • People of the Century
  • Get on your Bike
  • Seeds of Nonviolence
  • Magic Harvest
  • Food4All
  • Oz Harvest
  • Community Foodies
  • Anti-Poverty Week
  • Narrative Therapy training and work
  • Countless expos, community fairs, fetes, family fun days
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Child  at MVSPS
  • Food and the GST
  • Community Development Networks
  • Huntfield Heights PS work
  • Christie Downs redevelopment with Michelle W
  • Tide and Lifelines
  • Beach Road Artworks mosaics projects
  • Transformations
  • Early work with the Aboriginal Community
  • O’Sullivan’s Beach activities
  • Tutoring at UniSA
  • Red Cells
  • Women’s Web
  • Mental Health stuff back in the day (can’t quite remember what it was called)
  • Weaving the Social Fabric in the South
  • Home Harvest
  • Pathways for Families
  • The Multicultural Group (based at the Health Village)
  • Cooking Utensils Program
  • Projects with Housing Trust
  • Walks towards Nonviolence
  • Community barbeques/consultations
  • Appreciative Inquiry work
  • World Cafes
  • Southern Domestic Violence Community Development Network
  • Health/Council Partnership

There is a lot more, but this gives a flavour…

I have really loved working with Megan – I’ve learnt a lot from her and had heaps of fun. We’ve been to many meetings together, and thought and talked and explored all manner of things. We’ve packed and unpacked, lifted and lugged for community events large and small. We’ve given each other lifts, and had catch ups to keep us going. Sometimes things haven’t gone so well, but often they have been terrific, enjoyable and really uplifting. Megan’s real belief in people, her deep respect for them and her openness and creativity, plus her attention to how things are done, not just what is done, make her a really great person to have around, and to work with. She is also generous, unassuming and positive. She sees the good in people, and is open to what each person has to offer. Even when she doesn’t agree with someone, she finds ways to keep open and keep engaged with them.

She has made a lot of difference to me and many other people in the area, and I hope that we will be able to keep the flag flying for the values and principles she espoused and we all hold dear, as the years roll on. Have a really great time Megan in the new chapter of your life – and thanks again!!


Megan againMegan at meeting

7 Preserving day (8) - 30 Jan 08 008 6 CD garden shared lunch Sep 15th 022 5 FSH_RefGroup 4 P1050623 3 team garden chris and megan 1 CF_Group Shot_Tomato WS_feb2010Megan and EB laughingMegan and EB smiling


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6 Responses to Celebrating Megan

  1. Mandy says:

    Wow what a great new adventure Megan. I remember being involved in a few community projects with you and you were always so warm, welcoming, encouraging and supportive of me and every other volunteer. You are a gem Megan and we will miss you, but congratulations x x

    • Hi Mandy,
      I remember working with you and Megan at Huntfield Heights PS back in the day. We had lots of happy times doing community things for many years. Thanks for your comment!

  2. nickypage says:

    Well WOW too. What a splendid acknowledgement of your colleague and mate. And what lovely pics. Very best wishes to you too Megan on your next adventures.

  3. Kathy says:

    Happy retirement Megan, great photos!

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