A little bit of light

Wendy and Connie

Wendy and Connie

I ran into Wendy and Connie a few weeks ago, doing a ‘pop-up’ event at Colonnades, making clay lanterns with passing children and adults. The plan was to make 100 altogether and then to use them at community events, starting this week at Carols Night. It was a great fun to make the clay strips and decorate them with stamps or rollers – you can see in the pictures.

decorated clay strip

Decorated clay strip

Decorating the clay - rolling on the pattern

Decorating the clay – rolling on the pattern

Connie doing a demo

Connie doing a demo

The strips were then stuck to balloons with thinned down clay and water, and when dry the balloons would be popped and the curvy lanterns, all individual, fired in a kiln.

Wendy sticking the strips onto a balloon

Wendy sticking the strips onto a green  balloon

The green balloon lantern completed

The green balloon lantern completed (but not dry yet)

Creator of the red balloon lantern

Creator of the red balloon lantern

lanterns 9

Tray of balloon lanterns drying

lanterns 10

Tray of lanterns drying – the one at top left is an example of a completed lantern

There were a few hiccups on the way – Wendy’s dog Nilla, only a puppy and just learning, busted a few before they were finished, but it was a pretty straightforward project, funded by Communities for Children. I love the idea of it – each lantern is unique, like each person, with the candle light (even when they are just little battery operated candles) representing ‘the light in each of us’. Ohhhhh…

The lanterns on carols night

The lanterns on carols night

Thanks Connie, Wendy and all the lantern makers for this lovely artwork, and a very happy Christmas to everyone.

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5 Responses to A little bit of light

  1. pam says:

    oh my goodness (my grandsons faveret word) but what am I missing

  2. Pam you would have loved this – you will have to suggest it to someone over in the West and get it happening there too…

  3. pam says:

    it is so deferent here there are no groups sociall workers or support people believe me I have looked witch is not like me I asked and housing if there was a social worker and she light at me and told me to tries Centrelink but apart from that no dv no Elizabeth different wold here but iam ok as I have I Elizabeth siting on my shoulder telling me how wounder full aim miss u all

    • Hi Pam it is always so lovely to hear from you. I do think you are wonderful, no doubt about it. I’m sorry you can’t find things and people to connect up with – there must be something somewhere surely! You are much missed here too – your beautiful creativity and your understanding and care for those around you. Hope the boys are going ok – don’t forget to send me a story to put on the blog when you get the urge!

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