Finding peace


It is almost Christmas, and these trees (red flowering gum) are blossoming all over the place. It’s a funny old time of year – lots to do and lots of pressure – hopefully all towards the cause of happy times and  good connections, but there are so many people who don’t find it easy, and for whom it is a sad time for all sorts of reasons.

This morning I took Kaye’s dog Jackie for a walk (her special end of year treat from me!) through the linear park along the Sturt creek (drain really) near their place. It was lovely – these trees flowering, a mother duck and about 8 little ducklings in the drainway, another duck in the pond with its bottom in the air and its head under water finding something to eat. There were magpies prancing around everywhere and  singing their own carols. It was peaceful and a relief.

ducks and ducklings

I didn’t have my camera with me, but these ducks are a bit like the ones I saw, albeit that they were waddling in the concrete drain, not on nice grass like this…


I also wanted to mention these great cards, produced I think by the council down south, which I put in letterboxes around the place – reminding me, and hopefully others that it’s not just about stuff, but what we do and how we think about each other.  Not wanting to sound all preachy, but I do get sick of the emphasis on consuming –  food, presents, even good times become a competition (not that I haven’t been known to overindulge myself of course).

Xmas card 1Xmas card 2Xmas card 3        Xmas card 4

So all the best to you all and here’s wishing us all simplicity, some peace and a spot of happiness along the way.



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2 Responses to Finding peace

  1. Kylie D says:

    Many good words here, it sounds like a lovely walk and those are cute cards! As a child, Christmas usually involved a trip to Adelaide and big family gatherings which were a lot of fun but one of my favourite memories is from the Christmas we stayed at home and my brother and I enjoyed playing with my new totem tennis set.
    Many wishes for simplicity, peace and happiness to all!

    • Hi Kylie,
      Good to hear from you! Ah totem tennis, something we always aspired to. It sounds like great fun, and a lovely memory. Happy childhood times with new toys to play with are and were a fine thing…

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