The story of a pair of shoes

pair of shoes

Not the actual pair of shoes, as you will discover by reading on…

I like poetry, and I get some delivered to my inbox from the internet every day. Today a poem called Telephone Repairman arrived, written by the US poet Joseph Millar. Read it below.

Telephone Repairman
by Joseph Millar

All morning in the February light

he has been mending cable,
splicing the pairs of wires together
according to their colors,
white-blue to white-blue
violet-slate to violet-slate,
in the warehouse attic by the river.

When he is finished
the messages will flow along the line:
thank you for the gift,
please come to the baptism,
the bill is now past due:
voices that flicker and gleam back and forth
across the tracer-colored wires.

We live so much of our lives
without telling anyone,
going out before dawn,
working all day by ourselves,
shaking our heads in silence
at the news on the radio.
He thinks of the many signals
flying in the air around him,
the syllables fluttering,
saying please love me,
from continent to continent
over the curve of the earth.
“Telephone Repairman” by Joseph Millar, from Overtime. © Eastern Washington University Press, 2001.

I’d never heard of Joseph Millar, but I really liked what he wrote, so clicked the link that came with the poem which led me to Amazon, where I read about him and found that he is married to another poet I have heard of, and read, called Dorianne Laux. So I looked her up, and discovered that she (like me with Buttons and Bread) has a blog on WordPress, so I clicked on the link to her blog and discovered the lovely story below. The story of a pair of shoes (now in this special extended version!).

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6 Responses to The story of a pair of shoes

  1. Kathy says:

    Great poems and a wonderful story.

  2. Mag Merrilees says:

    I love the story of the shoes! How poetry works.

  3. Kylie D says:

    Wonderful poems and story. A poem running around – I like that! Can you tell me the name of the poetry list? I think I’d like to add it to the couple I already get.

  4. romi789 says:

    Loved the poetry, loved the story, shame I don’t love running.

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