Out for breakfast

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Last weekend I went up to Auburn for the long weekend, and on Monday morning, the town held a community breakfast in the park for Oz Day. Dad and I went down to it. Here are a few snaps from the occasion. It had everything that these kinds of events usually have: a raffle, food (including the almost obligatory sausages), and lots of people with chairs and card tables and rugs to sit on. It was a gorgeous sunny morning, not too hot, and a very pleasant occasion. I love catching up with people from around the town – and the breaky was yum too – there was bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes with muffins, plus fruit if you wanted it, and tea, coffee or even champagne. The journo from the local paper was there taking photos, the local band (Hold the Onions) played music, there were lots of people cooking and serving the food, and lots of kids, a few dogs, and generally a very enjoyable time.

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1 Response to Out for breakfast

  1. Mandy says:

    Thank you. ..Happy belated Australia Day.
    Lovely to se communities coming together.

    The day is a bit nostalgic for me now as it’s 3 years since my son’s Dad died.

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