I am the world’s worst gardener – or at least a contender for the title – and as ever, didn’t manage to grow the sunflowers that I planted after being given a few seeds at a community event at the end of last year. I did get the seedlings up, though, and that was thrilling enough, seeing a lump of pale green above the soil in the little cup I planted them in, the dirt pushed aside by the growth.



What an astonishing sight. Anyway, I didn’t get them into the ground before they died,  but other people have had more success. I saw some of the bright yellow flowers blooming at Aldinga Children’s Centre a couple of weeks ago,

Sunflowers at Aldinga

sunflowers at Aldinga 2

sunflowers at Aldinga 3

and then some neighbours down the road have these gigantic ones that are now going to seed.




Plus a couple of a smaller variety, also at the end of their season.


I went up to their place this morning to take some photos to put on here, and now I have some seeds for next year.


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3 Responses to Sunflowers

  1. Mandy says:

    Love sunflowers, one of my favourites, especially in the fields of Tuscany !
    I bought myself a pot at Christmas and had them outside my bedroom window, so every morning when I pull up the blind there are their smiling faces looking at me. 🙂 🙂

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