Autumn treats

apples and figs

It is a gorgeous time of year – the days shortening, but the skies still clear and the air fresh. I enjoyed the early mornings in Auburn, walking with dad first thing, and being amazed at the birds screeching everywhere (and in their enthusiasm killing the trees they sit in).


Galahs grazing in a paddock (click to enlarge)


Dad walking ahead of me first thing on a beautiful autumn day


Galahs in the neighbour’s tree and on a tv aerial, morning

 Autumn is harvest time too, with lots of fruit and veg in season at the market and in people’s gardens. Yesterday I met with Wendy (of the spring lambs post last year), and she gave me a gigantic bag of delicious Jonathan apples and a few figs from one of her fig trees (see photo above). How lucky am I (and how lucky the people I will give them to!)….

Gifts and treats of other kinds came my way between starting this post and now, a few hours later. First up I actually noticed the garden across the road from me, with great plants and a bit of fun too.


Tree with leaves just on the turn


Fantastic bowl of succulents


Creature in the yard


Then I went into town with Deirdre to have a look at some art. Just before heading for home we walked through the back way to the Art Gallery and found some women yarn bombing at the Migration Museum as part of an exhibition there about knitting and crochet.


Yarn bombers at the Migration Museum


Closer up and you can see them hanging little knitted suitcases


It was great! Some gorgeous pieces of knitting and crochet, including the yarn-bombed frock that Queen Victoria’s statue in Vic Square wore a few years ago,


Not a very good shot of the poster of Queen Vic in her knitted finery

 some war time austerity mix-and-match waistcoats with detachable button-on fronts to enable different looks for the wearer, a fantastic hand knitted ensemble – dress, jacket, the lot – that ended up being too hot for the maker to wear when she moved to Woomera (good grief!!) in the 1960’s, and these fantastic autumn leaves – perfect for this seasonal post.


Knitted autumn leaves in the window at the museum (this looks better when you click on the picture to enlarge)


close up of some leaves


Another view


About the makers


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