Forte and the band at McLaren Vale (photo from his website)

One of the highlights of the festival season that has just gone was going to see Forte, local musician and lovely person, at McLaren Vale. He has been an occasional guest at CHO dinners and played for us at our AGM last year, and told us there about the Fringe show he was planning, which is what I went to with a group of friends on Friday 13th March.

The show was held at The Singing Gallery. The room was set up in a very funky way, with comfortable chairs and sofas, tables and candles and prayer flags, photos on the wall and generally a warm and ambient feel. The stage too was cosy and cheerfully appointed. Forte had a support act – singer Mitch who came from I think Victoria, and who sang folky bluesy bluegrass-y songs really well. Then we had a fundraiser head shaving in support of the world’s greatest shave – Kate, a woman with amazing curly hair getting a number 1. She looked fantastic both with and without her locks, though I dare say it was a shock for her.

Then finally on came Forte and his band of musicians (all of whom were terrific) – a cello, bass, didgeridoo, guitar, and bodhran (Irish instrument). Forte writes and sings personal songs and songs about community and connection. He has a very generous, open and welcoming approach – and is a positive dynamo, encouraging soppiness and good cheer. It is very heartwarming to be in his company, and I went home feeling stronger about the benefits of building community life and feeling more connected myself to good things in the world. Forte’s encouraging and enthusiastic approach to his music and his audience make for a really good time. I’ve put a link to one of my favourite of his songs below. It comes from his website which has lots of other good info on it.

He is going to be recording an album later in the year, and there’ll be a launch for that in November I believe. I hope I can get to it, and take a gang!

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