A message from Pam

Pam's grandies 1 Pam's grandies 2

Hi all
This is what I am going to see. The plane might fall from the sky but this will be worth it – yes my .9 is here his name is Carson (he was born just a few days ago) and big brother Noah. Amazingly I am am very calm about the coming event. Thank you to every one for your thoughts. I will send pics and let you know how it all is.

I used to say I wanted to clone myself as I don’t know who I was meant to be on life’s journey and how much life can change us from our original design but you know I have designed myself with help from many people leaving their thumbprint on my heart – I do know who I am and I’m not half that bad. I like me – I am a little quirky, wacky, whatever but I am true to myself and when the rest of the world might not get me my few thumb-prints do. I will stay true to my self as I am a pretty cool person with a few other titles like mum, cook, sewer, potter – hey how cool is that…  and I have no idea why you just copped that lot of my ravings but there you go. My plane leaves at 4 on Thursday so 3 more sleeps ohh my goodness

love Pam

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4 Responses to A message from Pam

  1. nickypage says:

    Happy trails to you Pam – what a lovely pair of grandsons 🙂

  2. pam says:

    thank u so much I think they are lovely but u no nannas grand kids are all ways prefect I tell them they are my Mary pop pens practically perfect in every way

  3. Deirdre says:

    Pam Im just catching up with your news. Hope the very long flight goes/ went well and you have a mostly good time. I always find overseas travel an upee /downee experience. But seeing that edible baby will make the jet lag float away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from Deirdre

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