Walking the dogs

Shelley, our animal lover contributor (see https://elizabethbecker1.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/shelleys-adopted-menagerie-a-heatwave-story/ for example ) has been doing a whole lot of dog sitting and dog walking over the past year or so. This has been a great help to the dog owners and a great joy to the dogs and to Shelley herself. She has lost heaps of weight with all the walking, and has become a regular at the local beaches.

Here are some of her puppy pals:

Shelly's dogs 1

Billie and Bobby

Billie and Bobbie – Shelley dog sat them for 2 weeks at Maslin Beach – they had a beach walk every morning and around the yard (big) every afternoon. She says they are the best trained, most well-behaved dogs she’s ever had.

shelleys dogs 2


She’s also been walking Kipper – Leonz’ dog, while her person has hurt her back. She was taking her every day, but is now down to 2 – 3 times a week along the Christies Creek trail, along the sand dunes at Christies Beach and then across to O’Sullivan’s Beach boat ramp.

shelleys dogs 3


shelley's dogs 6


The two Jack Russells are Jac (5 months old) and Nellie (4 years old). Nellie is a rescue dog and is very nervy – but over the 10 days Shelley had her, just from talking to her and not hassling her, eventually she came up to Shelley of her own accord and let her tickle her under the chin. Jac she would take to the beach every day – she loved it.

shelley's dogs 4


Reaghan is a very overweight cavalier whose human is the mum of one of Shelley’s friends. “I sat him for a long weekend and we went for walks every day and when his human came home he ignored her and wanted to leave with me.”

Shelley's dogs 5


Jack is a Maltese – “I’ve had him for periods of 1 – 2 weeks at a time when his human (my neighbour) has had to go to hospital – we go down the beach as well and he is great company at home.”

shelley's dogs 7


shelley's dogs 8

Cleopatra clapped out after her first trip to the beach

Cleo is a puppy and does stupid things regularly! But Shelley is training her and she is sucking up the new knowledge and becoming a pleasure to be around. “I introduced her to the beach for the first time in her life – she was scared of the waves but now goes into the water and has a great time”.

There are other dogs too – but Shelley didn’t have photos of them with her. One of her special ones is Cody, whom she looked after a couple of times when his humans were away, and after they returned they asked her to keep walking him, twice a week at their local beach at Southport. He’s quite a big dog and really benefits from the good workout – he’s obsessed with the ball and chases it constantly she says. Another dog (and owner) to benefit from Shelley’s kindness is Toby, who went on holidays to Shelley’s place when his human was in hospital.

Being connected up with Shelley has been a win:win for these dogs and their people – extra care and happy times with someone who’s crazy about canines, and for Shelley lots of great times with her favourite creatures, as well as the satisfaction of helping her neighbours and friends and looking after her own health and well-being into the bargain. How cool is that.

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2 Responses to Walking the dogs

  1. Kathy says:

    So nice. Reading this makes me feel much better ….

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