Postcards for Nepal

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I went to a very pleasant fundraiser a couple of weeks ago – held in a big room in someone’s house, there was poetry reading and musicians giving performances to those of us who came, a range of different styles of both music and poetry, and some singing also. We all brought supper, so it was delicious in range and amount, and donations were dropped into a hat. Very simple, very convivial, and for a good cause. It was just after the earthquake that recently hit Nepal, so that was on everyone’s mind, and some of the money was going to be sent to assist there.

It was lovely to be at such a friendly and creative event, and a great way to do a little bit of good. Since then, I have received word of another home grown fundraising event, again with Nepal in mind. Megan sent out an email from her friend Dene, who is organising a little art event – getting people to make postcards, which will be sold or auctioned. Some more ‘famous’ folk will be contributing, but all of us have been invited to participate. I took some blank postcards to the CHO dinner last week, and have been gradually getting some back. They are, as you can see, really pretty and inventive. I am not an artist’s bottom, but have still been enjoying doodling and colouring in while watching telly, and had a great time talking with Deirdre (some of whose pieces are above) and playing with our textas and pastels.

The event will be on this coming Thursday, from 4 – 6.30 pm at the Port Noarlunga CWA Hall, cnr Witton Road and Margaret Street. If you are around, call in and have a look!

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2 Responses to Postcards for Nepal

  1. pam says:

    would love to came easy said as iam over here but my goodness the pics are so good and elizabath did u do same of them ? thay are great

  2. It would be fabulous if you could just drop in Pam! The postcards are terrific, done by about 6 different people (including me!)…

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