Do parrots have taste buds??

Dee was at the CHO dinner last Wednesday and told us about a parrot that came to feed in her vegie patch – and totally devoured the chillies on her chilli bush. She tells me that it has completely decimated the crop and there are none left at all now. Here it is getting stuck in (you can click on the image to make it bigger).

Dee chilli bird 2

Parrot in the chilli bush

Dee's bird and chillies 1

Parrot holding green chilli and eating it

The obvious question is, what kind of taste buds must it have? It has been eating the chillies as if they are corn cobs, just chomping through them; it seems to positively love them and not be at all put out by the heat. How crazy is that! The other question is, what kind of parrot is it? Does anyone know? I have been having a look on line and it looks to me like an Indian ringed parakeet (see photo below), but others might have a different idea?


Female on the left, male on the right

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6 Responses to Do parrots have taste buds??

  1. nickypage says:

    Crazeee – and another Pt Willunga person has just had the same experience – but if they ARE Indian ringed parakeet maybe that’s why they love chilli??

  2. Excellent point Nicky! Perhaps the bird was named specifically in honour of it’s love of spices…

  3. pam smith says:

    hi I did look these up and that is there name and this is a little I read on them Chopped carrot. CHILLIS Asiatic parrots LOVE CHILLI and the HOT ONES TOO. They don’t get the burn like we do and they are packed with vitamins, anti oxidants etc and thay said if we had them for pets feed them chillis as thay nead them

    • Pam you are a winner! Where did you find that out??? It sounds like a big confirmation that they are indeed Asian parrots. I did read that they are mostly kept here as pets, and are a bit of a pest if they escape, so who knows where this one came from!

  4. pam smith says:

    I looked up the bird and there were pics and then I goggle what would I feed my Asian parrots and that is what came up simple thinking here lol

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