Pamper day

Pamper day 28

Foot reflexology in action

CHO had a special event yesterday, our first pamper day, which was planned over the past couple of months by a team of great community members and particularly Carly and Elly, the two fabulous social work students who are working with us at present. It was a beautiful event, which ran really smoothly and had a great vibe all day.
There were many highlights:
– the planning and set up at the Arts Centre at Port Noarlunga were really well organised – hence the calm, relaxing atmosphere
– the energy that was put into the day by everyone – so many good ideas, so much willingness to help
– the great organising group, most of whom were there on the day, making so much difference behind the scenes and in all sorts of ways
– the connections that we made – how many people brought their friends along, knew people who needed a treat and worked together with us to get the show on the road.
– our new friends, the many people who freely provided all the food, other goods (such as tablecloths, decorations, goodies for the take home bags) and services. These are individuals, businesses, food producers and service providers, most of whom had never heard of CHO previously, but really connected with our purpose and enthusiastically contributed all they could to make the day what it was. We are so grateful to them all. (And a special thanks to Carly who spoke with most of them initially and invited them along.)
– the generosity of those who worked on the day, doing the pampering – they gave their time for free and contributed so much so that others could have a special experience
– the creativity of these ‘pamperers’ was amazing too – their skills and talent, in hairdressing, massage, yoga, tai chi, make up, essential oils, beautification, craft, art, words, meditation, food preparation, tea blending, henna tattooing, hand massages, foot reflexology, back massages, hearing tests, games, painting, colour. It was just gorgeous.

More specifically I loved:
– the woman who fell asleep in my meditation session
– the hairdressing, and how fab people looked
– the hair transformations

Pamper day 21

Hair transformation – before: Budini (centre) when she first arrived, with Velvey (left) and Sandra (sorry about the closed eyes Sandra – I can’t work out how to edit the picture!)

Pamper day 34

Hair transformation – after: Budini with Carly, after she won one of the door prizes – woo hoo!

Katrina, Nicole two of our fabulous hairdressers, with Carly

Two of our fabulous hairdressers (Catriona and Nadine) drawing the hair products raffle prizes with Carly

– the lovely embroidered cloths on the yoga table

Pamper day 7

The yoga gals with their lovely table decorations

– talking to Tracey who is doing so much for her grandchild and other people around her
– having the folk from the dv service come along, both staff and residents. It was terrific to see staff I haven’t seen for ages
– Carly’s beautiful inclusive way of linking people together, getting so many people to come to our ‘party’ – she really gets it that everyone has something to offer
– having people from Carer support and respite attend
– meeting the new Foodies and having them introduced to Liz, who started Foodies off nearly 15 years ago now

Pamper day 30

Marie and Liz, Foodies for many years, and Olli, son of Foodie!

Pamper day 14

Jill and Colleen – new Foodies with their delicious fruit platter – particularly yummy rock melon!

– seeing people who do a lot for others getting some attention
– the debrief afterwards with Carly, Elly and Richard – what wise and creative people
– seeing how good people felt – they just glowed
– making four word bookmarks with Kylie

Pamper day 36

Four word bookmarks on display

Pamper day 24

Kylie and Richard at the wordplay stall

Pamper day 37

Kylie and Karina at the wordplay stall – two much appreciated members of the organising group

– catching up with Coral for the first time in years
– Helen (a carer for many years) who arrived on the dot of 10 am (it’s always good to see the first person!)
– seeing Andrea and Steph for the first time in ages (and then seeing Steph catch up with her old hairdresser)

Pamper day 16

Steph, Andrea and Catriona the lovely hairdresser (Steph was very pleased to find her again!)

– hearing how women from the dv service responded to the special day
– Elly’s smiling, welcoming face, radiating warmth at the desk as people entered

Pamper day 12

Richard and Elly at the desk

– the lovely, easy, relaxing atmosphere
– the food!!!! – prawns on the barbie, vegie patties, chicken burgers, lovely soup (thanks Sharon and Carolyn), cup cakes, Karina’s juices and her Churros, the sandwiches, the cheese platters, the fruit platters, the brownies, the list goes on

Pamper day 1

Cupcakes and other treats

Pamper day 6

A view of some of the food!!!

Pamper day 9

More lovely food – and note the freshly squeezed juice

– seeing Shelley and hearing about her forthcoming grandchild
– hanging with the folk from Rotary who put on a superior sausage sizzle for us, with lots of healthy choices and my favourite brown bread!

Pamper day 18

the Rotary gang at work!

Pamper day 19

– the massages – what great hands Luke and Robyn have! (I am disappointed that somehow I don’t have a photo of them in action. You will just have to imagine.)

Pamper day 31

Shayne with Robyn, one of our lovely masseurs

– Anne buzzing about, so supportive of everyone
– the takeaway treats that folk left with in their party bags
– conspiring with everyone to get the lovely cards (made by Kylie) signed for Carly and Elly
– seeing Julia from Hackham West getting the hand massage treatment

Pamper day 23

Julia showing off her henna tattoo while having her hand massage

– seeing people mixing and talking and laughing and feeling special

There is heaps more, I can’t fit everything in! It is easy, sometimes, to feel a bit overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Things happen that aren’t easy, or don’t happen when they should, but days like yesterday make me remember that we can all help to lift each other out of our difficulties, we can all lift each other up. And from the new perspective, from higher up, the view is different, things become possible again, the world opens out. Many thanks to anyone who had a part in the day. It was wonderful.

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8 Responses to Pamper day

  1. Kathy says:

    Looks really wonderful. Given me lots of ideas too!

  2. Thanks Kathy, you’re right it was fantastic!

  3. Mandy says:

    Wow it looks and sounds and I bet smelt fantastic. Just so sorry I could not make it there on the day, I was there in spirit and know I would have loved it.
    Catch all you gorgeous people at the next one x x

  4. Kylie D says:

    This is a fabulous overview of the day (and as you say, there’s heaps more!). I’m really glad I could be a part of it and Mandy, wish you could have been there too!

    • Kylie it was so great to have you there – you are so talented, and wordplay was FUN, and you’re also so kind and accepting of people – a really good combination. Thanks a LOT!

  5. nickypage says:

    CHO rocks!

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