More from Pamper Day

We have had some lovely feedback from the pamper day – people really loved participating, both being pampered, but also doing the pampering. One woman said she had never been treated so specially, another hadn’t had her hair done for years, a few people loved the chance to have a try at yoga and tai chi. I caught up with another woman
who attended who was wearing the nail polish that came in her goody bag – she said what a great time she had had.
Here are some more photos of people on the day…

Pamper day 15

Carolyn (fab member of the organising group and maker of lavender bags that were given to all participants), Kelly (henna tattooist), Carly (organiser extrordinaire) and Carol (community person and pal from years ago)

pamper day 4

Sharon with the soup she made

Pamper day 10

Betty and Carly

Pamper day 11

Hazel Wainwright (local councillor who dropped in on the day), with Carly, Richard and Elly

Pamper day 13

Sharon getting her hearing tested

Pamper day 20

Out at the barbeque

Pamper day 32

Elly, Carly and Elizabeth

Pamper day 33

Elly with Monique, another of the raffle winners

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1 Response to More from Pamper Day

  1. Mandy says:

    The smiles says it all.

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